Contact your customers in real time as they visit your site


  • Makes it much easier for customers to contact you
  • Includes attractive traffic monitoring program
  • Compatible with major IM's


  • Web traffic analysis tool not really necessary
  • You may have problems configuring it to work with some IM's


ChatStat is what every company needs if it wants to get closer to theur customers. It allows you to be there 24/7 if visitors to your website have any questions they need answering immediately with no need to pick up a phone or write an e-mail. ChatStat basically promises that through it's Live Chat function, you'll sell more products.

ChatStat is a complete communication tool that allows you to enter into direct contact with visitors to your site, in addition to capturing data and generate statistics on the popularity of various pages. The program includes support for connecting to multiple IM networks including MSN, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo! and AIM as well as Voice over IP services such as Skype.

Although it's a bit unnecessary, since most business will have a powerful web analysis program installed, ChatStat also includes a swanky visitor analytical program to track customer behaviour which includes zoom, scroll, pan, extrapolate, and explore modes.

This is a highly professional business tool that will make your customers feel closer as well as cutdown on work answering phones and e-mails.

ChatStat gives you the ability to conduct live chat with both website visitors and any of the supported IM clients (AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, and Skype) using a familiar instant messenger interface. ChatStat FREE comes with unlimited live chat for two operator seats.

Live Chat will allow you to contact your customers, and for them to contact you. This communication channel has been proven to increase your return on investment per advertising dollar spent.




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